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Friday, 26 July 2013

Summer student Josh Swampy likes working at the Maskwacis Library

Josh is busy sorting chapter books and story books.

Josh is participating in the Views and Vision session on July 26th after reading the "Community Library is Everyones Project" report.  He will be circulating the report in the community and so be prepared to welcome our community navigator. We listen to the community in order to serve our community.


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Elizabeth Roan is a FNs and she likes to borrow books

Elizabeth Roan's likes to read paperbacks. She borrowed a bunch on July 23. So, many people are waiting to get their library memberships. This is evidence enough that the Maskwacis community is ready to use and run their own community library.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Willis is receiving 1500 books and welcoming Dawn Lawson

Dawn brought the books. The books were sorted in boxes and marked such as board books, books by the level of readers, etc. Her mother is a English instructor and this helps us so much. This is operational efficiency as it puts the books on the shelves or in the Library Boxes.

Quick access of books in the hands of FNs people. Thank you.

Willis, Leon and Wesley are helping with the unloading of books.

Wayne Reindeer inconversation with the University of Alberta team

Wayne Reindeer Men's Literacy Program Coordinator is welcoming the University of Alberta delegation on tour about the development of college and community library.

This is a picture of the new college library in Hobbema. Also, the 64 shelves will be adopted by faculty, instructors, students, and stakeholders. The shelves have books, resources, photographs of people and this Collection Gallery will be embedded with dreams and achievements of our people. Thus, leading to the 40th anniversary celebration of the Maskwacis Cultural College in 2014.